How to Support

It’s very easy.   First off, please download and share the PDF song lead sheets with your sing-along and play-along friends.

Second, I know the value of a buck (or whatever currency you use), and I’d most like for you to come away with something in hand for supporting my channel.  I have provided affiliate links at the bottom of each video to products related to lines in the song, and some quality nutritional supplement products from companies I use myself.

(I have a little bit of “they’re out to get us” attitude, so I lean toward thinking the better health we all have, the less need we’ll have for non-nutritional pharmaceuticals.   Nothing pleases me better than making the would-be self-appointed cattle-herders of humanity squeal like the pigs they really are.  😆 )

If you really prefer non-shopping ways of supporting this channel, I’m working on developing such paths.  (Patience, I’m new to this. 😉 )

~ Suzanne.


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