She Wears Red Feathers
(dishonoring her brother’s coronation)

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She Wears Red Feathers
(dishonoring her brother’s coronation)

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Inspired by the 1953 Guy Mitchel hit, the same year as Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, it’s now been updated for her son Charles’ coronation, where, unbelievably, Princess Anne stuck her red feathers in her nephew Harry’s face!!

I’m so sick of the universal Harry bashing, by the royals, by the mainstream media, and even by the independent media. Aren’t you sick of it, too? Please sing, play, and laugh along with this fitting tribute to… I’m not sure what! PS – I did not take hormones to sing this song. It’s a digital trick. The original was just such a man’s fantasy song, I could not see it sung by a woman’s voice.

Download the lyrics and chords for your musician sessions and jam parties here:

See you soon with another fun song!


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